Online Gift Cards Sales are Key During this Holiday Season

We will be surrounded by the holiday season before we know it! Every year, it seems, time flies by and we aren’t quite prepared for our holiday plans, and this year will be no exception. However, there will be a few noticeable changes. The pandemic can’t take away your holiday cheer, but it can change your shoppers’ spending habits. 

Without preparation, merchants can quickly fall behind on their holiday sales goals if they don’t stay ahead of the curve. Thankfully, merchants can look to online gift card sales to stay ahead of the curve this year, protecting themselves from the drop in foot traffic and other factors that will change this year’s holiday trends. Here are a few reasons that online gift card sales this holiday could be the key to success for restaurants’ and retailers’ goals. 

Why Gift Cards Will Be the Key to This Unusual Holiday Season 

1. Lower Volume of Foot Traffic 

Merchants may see a significantly lower volume of foot traffic this year. Some will venture out, of course, but there will also be people who are immunocompromised, taking care of family members, or simply avoiding public spaces—not to mention the people who preferred to shop online even before the pandemic. Online gift card sales are the perfect opportunity for your customers to do their holiday shopping without ever leaving the house. 

2. Fewer Families Traveling for the Holidays

Families often travel across the country, or even across the world, to visit their loved ones for the holiday season. This year, we could see less travel and more gift exchanges via shipping. However, shipping times have not been ideal during the pandemic. By promoting your online gift card sales, you provide customers with a low-stress way to send gifts to those family members they may not see until the new year. Virtual gift cards can be delivered via email within seconds and even physical gift cards can be easily mailed out without your customer having to mail them on their own. 

3. More Individuals are Working from Home

More professionals are working from home than ever before. This location change means that your customers will be out and about less—lessening the time they once spent driving by your store or stopping on the way home to pick something up. Many of your customers are at home for the majority of their days now and are likely spending more time online shopping because of it. Your patrons will be happy to find that they can purchase gift cards online without leaving their computer desks. 

4. Shoppers Still Love Spending Local 

Your customers love supporting your store. However, when many of them are shopping online, they may be tempted to buy from the Amazon’s of the world. Show them how quickly they can spend their dollars locally, investing in their local economy, without adding shopping stress to their plates. With just a few clicks, they can share their favorite shops and restaurants with the ones they love. 

5. Reap the Rewards in the New Year

Your revenue will not only increase from gift card sales during the holidays, but you will also see a return on your investment after the new year. When your customers begin spending the balances on their cards, they likely won’t stop there. Most spend over the limit, increasing your post-holiday sales. Gift cards also encourage new customers to see what your business is all about, increasing your brand awareness and encouraging customer loyalty. 

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